4 Ways To Weed Out Bad Candidates For Your Company


During the interview process, some candidates often appear to be superior in intelligence and self-confidence; their work experience in first-class companies often gives them a “halo” and exudes extraordinary charm. However, if you don’t practice fake handles, you will know after a try! Those who have the real ability can tell the truth from the false. Just give the applicant a “whiteboard test” to find out. Whiteboard testing can significantly improve the final results of recruitment and reduce the chances of hiring the wrong person. The “whiteboard test” is a problem-solving-based test to evaluate the candidate’s corresponding job skills.

Let’s first take a look at some data; this data show that many of today’s recruitment processes and candidate evaluation methods are flawed. Relevant research points out: 46% of newly recruited employees cannot make significant work progress and professional achievements within 18 months after joining the company, and such employees are not qualified for the job they are recruited.

The main reason for such unsatisfactory recruitment results is that in the final selection stage, many recruiters still rely on interviews to evaluate candidates. Google’s statistical research shows that the recruitment effect of screening through layers of interviews is not significantly better than that of randomly selected candidates. To continuously improve the interview and optimize the evaluation method, the first thing that recruiters do is make the interview as structured and objective as possible. But in fact, making good use of the “whiteboard test” tool in the final selection stage can also greatly improve the quality of recruitment.

1. Outline your solution to a problem and Find out the shortcomings and deficiencies in the existing solutions

This method is highly respected and more common. It requires candidates to list every step of a feasible solution that can solve existing problems. This method can bring additional benefits to the company: the candidate’s proposal can be retained by the company that can be expected to implement “landing” programs and ideas.

Google often uses this approach, but it’s recruiting team will pass candidates who do not consider the team or follow up with customers in the process of proposing solutions.This method is relatively less time-consuming and less stressful.

2. Behavioral Issues
Sometimes the candidate shows demotivated gestures, body language, and they do not come prepared for the interview. These things are to be taken seriously as these behaviours display low interest in the work. A candidate showing up late or not showing up at all also shows a sign of irresponsibility. Take care not to allow space for display of nervousness, especially for companies considering internship candidates. As young interns are not as experienced with the process, you may miss out on some diamonds in the rough with a straightforward dismissal. 

3. “Scene”: introduce each step of solving the problem one by one

abstract lego and golfball

This approach requires candidates to treat the interviewers as department heads and customers, and introduce them to the entire program and each specific step of implementation in detail. In this way, the recruiter can fully see how the candidate completes each specific task. In this process, the recruiter can examine the candidate’s ability and value on different key points.

The task of the investigation can be:

  • How would you develop a work plan in the first six months of employment?
  • How to build your internal network at work?
  • How will you maintain a state of continuous learning and progress?
  • How can you discover hidden problems in the team, and how would you deal with related problems?

4. Flexible and digital

The three methods mentioned above are usually carried out face to face. However, there are also cases where interactive tools are used for “whiteboard testing.”

When some candidates are subject to geographical restrictions or too many recruiters have too much work, remote operations such as video can also be used to complete the corresponding tests. When you are offering paid internships from Melbourne or other high-cost living cities, flexibility and digital skills are essential for your business to thrive

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