Ideas On How To Fill Up Your Event Venue


Got a dance floor gathering dust? Is your conference centre collecting cobwebs despite being located in a big city like Melbourne? It may be time to rethink the way you market your site within an occasion destination. Unless you’ve got a place with sweeping views of Sydney Harbour or some stadium-crowd capability, packing the house with occasions is something you are going to need to work at.

Whether you’ve got a space that you wish could gain more events coming in, or a place that is not bringing enough talent, here are 8 easy but efficient venue promotion tips.

Before You Get Started: Define Your Audience

Prior to starting any place promotion, you’ll have to specify who you’re wanting to attract. Your site has two different audiences:

  • The clientele your site brings 
  • The sort of people who reserve occasion spaces (i.e. seminar organizers, advertising managers, professional businessmen, tour promoters)

You’re able to see firsthand who comes through the doors in your place, therefore defining the very first audience is simple. To specify the next audience, consider the sort of occasions your clients might attend.

Take, for instance, a place which has a reputation as a fun-loving, grungy dive bar with a small stage. The clientele here would be a ‘young hipster audience’. They attract tour promoters and little record labels to utilize the point on weekends, but how can they fill up on a quiet Tuesday night? What about a venue inside a sports stadium that has to build up a reputation as a major holder of stadium events? Considering their clientele, the place could begin supplying the area for skilled media events by targeting businesses that use the identical audience as their present clientele — such as edgy startups or innovative services. Or they can aim small-batch craft alcohol firms for launching events and tastings, tapping into existing providers.

8 Venue Marketing Ideas

When you’ve established a notion of your audience aims, you are all set to handle marketing. Get started with those 8 thoughts for article advertising.

1. Rewrite Your Advertising assets

As soon as you’ve identified what your site represents and who you are trying to entice, it is time to examine the resources in your advertising arsenal. Review your site, social networking stations, and some other advertising collateral to be certain it’s about the brand along with also the promotion points are working towards your own aims as a place.

2. Update Your Site Photography

Are you currently using photographs of nude rooms or grainy iPhone photography? It may be time for you to fill your site with joyful people having a terrific time and catching the moment with fresh, professionally taken photographs. As proven by the success of most conference venues in Hobart, by showing folks what your venue becomes during a live event, you are going to make it a lot easier for them to envision themselves in your area. So how do you do this? Read on…

3. Host Your Personal Events

Occasions pull a bunch — that is why you need a lot of these, right? Among the greatest ways to showcase your own site as an occasion hotspot would be to host one yourself. By filling your site with the audience you are searching to attract, folks are going to have the ability to experience your offering firsthand. The type of occasion you need to throw will fluctuate based on your own objectives, but examples include:

  • Open Day to showcase your own venue and preferred providers.
  • “Famil” for the people who work within the industry to familiarize themselves together with your own venue.
  • VIP celebration for your present clients and their visitors to tap into a broader network.
  • Locals Night to encourage nearby companies to experience your own venue.
  • Band display or competition for local artists.
  • Employment fair to promote various kinds of jobs associated with your venue (i.e. hotel jobs if you are located at/near a hotel)

4. Partner Up On A Sought-After Occasion

If you are trying to break into the occasions marketplace or reinvigorate your place’s brand, think about offering your area free of expense to a seasoned event founder to co-host an on-trend occasion. Partnering with an occasion that already brings your target attendees can help define your site brand and make the ideal learning opportunity for the way an event should operate. Begin by reaching out to events you are searching to draw and see whether you are able to strike a bargain with all the organizers.

5. Sponsor An Event For Charity

If you would like to stay hands-off on occasion organization but nevertheless entice reservations, offer to become the place sponsor of the event for charity. This provides a nonprofit organization using much-needed cost savings and permits you to find out more about working together with events in the procedure.

6. Invest In Search Engine Optimisation (SEO)

Competition is always likely to be ferocious for search phrases like “event places in Melbourne” — you are encouraged to think outside the box. Concentrate on how somebody else may explain your own venue. What would your perfect customer be looking for when they were searching for a place like yours? How do you use your site to talk to exactly what your clients want? Examples of these search phrases might include:

  • “Affordable function places Sydney”
  • “Warehouse occasion place Melbourne”
  • “Hipster event place Adelaide”
  • “Waterfront occasion place Perth”
  • “Rooftop place hire”
  • “Live music in regional Victoria”
  • or it could also get to niche search terms, like “basketball apparel convention in Canberra

7. Get Recorded As An Event Venue

Prospective customers use Google to locate places for their own event or gig. To further enhance your odds of getting discovered, be sure to get your site listed on neighborhood venue-finding websites for example:

It’s also advisable to maintain all regional listings on aggregate websites like Google My Business, Yelp, and TrueLocal to be certain that your details are current and include details of your place as a place that hosts events. Even better, if you often find yourself appealing to niche clients (for example, a fair showcasing new designs and technologies in youth basketball uniforms), it might help to list your business as such.

8. Partner Up With A Reliable Ticketing Supplier

If your site runs regular occasions, whether paid or free, partnering with a contemporary online ticketing provider might help amplify your own sales. Sold-out tickets = more appreciation as your town’s top place to book, assisting you to attract better talent.

Solutions like Eventbrite offer a package of integrated promotional instruments like custom email addresses, built-in societal sharing, and also concentrated recommendations to a broad audience of busy ticket purchasers and event-goers.

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