Manufacturers Actively Engaging In Air Compressor Recycling


Air compressors are essential to convert power, that is a diesel or gasoline engine into energy that is stored as compressed air (pressurized air). Usually, this is achieved by employing one or several ways so that air can be forced into a storage tank by the air compressor. Once the tank reaches its upper limit, the air compressor automatically shuts down. The accumulated pressurized air in the tank can be used for a variety of purposes until the tank runs dry. When the pressure of the tank is at its lowest, the air compressor automatically turns on to pump pressurized air into the tank. While an air compressor carries out or repairs its function as a pump, it’s crucial to know that an air compressor works with air and gas, whereas a pump works with liquids.

Recycle or Dispose of Air Compressors

Although air compressors are known to work for quite some time, there are instances in which they may fail to operate. At this point, you are faced with the choice to either to get rid of it or present it to a local site so that it can be recycled in centres for use.  Although the idea of disposing appears to be an easy choice, frequent disposing of air compressors will fill up then the environment around us. Therefore, the sanest decision to consider is to donate it for recycling in a local site or a depot.

It’s for this reason that most manufacturers opt to recycle their air compressors rather than disposing them into the environment. Besides, recycling air compressors can also prove to reduce costs and result in optimal use of company resources. No additional investment or expenses need to be incurred by the firm that undertakes active recycling. This further contributes to the corporate social responsibly of the firm. Below are some of the reasons why.

Why Manufacturers Engage In Active Recycling

Act As Back-up Compressors

Manufacturers in a plant constantly need the energy to run the plant. For this reason, manufacturers rarely dispose of their old compressors but rather store them.  The stored compressors come in handy in instances which the new compressor has broken down. Also, when a plant air compressor is undergoing repair or maintenance, an old air compressor can step in and help in running the plant effectively.

Protect The Environment

 Today’s world environment is filled with litter in every aspect. Plastics are especially a menace in the environment. However, by constantly disposing of broken air compressors in the dumping site, manufacturers know that they will be increasing the amount of waste and landfill in the environment. Various issues are springing up in today’s environment which has called for serious government and people actions. Climate change is a growing issue in today’s world and active recycling by corporates is one of the many steps that can be undertaken by companies to curtail the situation and contribute towards sustainable development. For this very reason, when the compressor is completely obsolete, some of its equipment can be removed and recycled, whereas the tank can be sent to its manufacturer for recycling, this way wastes are reduced.

Reduced Cost of Production

Manufacturers understand that investing in active recycling reduces the cost of production by a great amount. This is because; instead of the industrial air compressor companies to build air compressor tanks and equipment from scratch, they can use the donated air compressors for recycling to create better products. Additionally, in a manufacturing plant instead of constantly purchasing new air compressors, managers can recycle the old air compressors and pair it up with a new compressor for efficiency. This helps reduce the cost of running the plant.

Useful For Other Purposes

An obsolete air compressor does not necessarily mean that it can’t be used for other uses. You will be surprised by the various uses that a recycled air compressor can serve once it has gone through the process optimally. Manufacturers use obsolete air compressors for scrap materials. The material used to create the tank is usually made of a variety of metals, such as steel copper, cast etc. Manufacturers separate the metals in layers so that they can get what they want. Additionally, other parts of the air compressor can be refurbished if they have broken down and be used once again. This helps greatly save on the amount of purchase that could have been used.

Air compressors are an essential tool for manufacturers. Although some air compressors may have limited functionality time frame, manufacturers have found ways to actively and perfectly use the air compressors for a variety of purposes, and to the benefit of the plant. Ensuring that the air compressor has been used to its maximum potential and then restoring and recycling it to serve another function can prove multiple uses of air compressors. Companies that undertake active recycling can contribute positively to a greener planet.

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