Why Use Boveda Than Other Humidifiers


Besides the numerous factors that could affect a cigar’s quality when being compared to cigar products in the industry is its exposure to humidity. Understanding what it is maybe the best way to balance out why using Boveda is more advantageous than other humidifiers.

Humidity in the simplest terms

The amount of water vapour in the air is what you would call humidity. We say that humidity is high when there is a lot of water vapour in the air. The wetter you feel while standing outside when the humidity is higher. The humidity explained in the weather reports on considers relative humidity.

What is humidity in simple terms?

Humidity is the amount of water vapour in the air. If there is a lot of water vapour in the air, the humidity will be high. The higher the humidity, the wetter it feels outside. On the weather reports, humidity is usually explained as relative humidity.

Knowing this would help us understand what happens to a Cuban cigar when there’s too much humidity and when there’s not enough. As we consider water vapour, it’s water in which any cigar would turn out unsmokeable when exposed to a surrounding with a humidity. On the other hand, if it is not humid enough, it will allow you to smoke but will only be about emitting smoke, without flavour, and bitter after taste in the mouth.

And this is the exact reason why cigar aficionados use humidors besides distinct reactions of the cigar to humidity. Humidors, where cigars are stored, hold on to humidity differently. Some own a couple of humidors to hold their collection. But some have stocked up in need of more than a couple of it. Here, the dilemma kicks in. The maintenance of it all then becomes difficult.

What approach should be made?

Boveda packs provide reliable humidity that comes with much lesser demanded effort to keep the cigars fresh. From ordering it, to counting the packs you needed. From 62%, 65%, 69%, 72%, 75%, or 84%, you may select your level of relative humidity, and when done, the packs arrive in just a few days. 

Why Boveda?

One, it is impossible to over-humidify beyond the RH on the pack. Its website describes the motto they go by in which it involves using minimums for a unit, rather than maximums because they believe that there is no such thing as a way ‘too much’ and that also, more than the one minimum will make it last longer.” Lay them directly onto your cigars as soon as you have arranged the packs inside your humidor. With Boveda humidification pouches, changing them out once they’ve dried up is what you should keep in mind since there’s no hygrometer to anymore. It gets miscalibrated most of the time, anyway. Watch out for dry wafers rather than liquid pillows – this will be your signal that they need to be changed. Most likely, it will dry up around after 60 days.

The Takeaway

Overall, Boveda is costly for the service it does. But since Boveda stands likeable against other humidifiers to provide your cigar collection with the right home. While they wait to die on your lips, assure their remaining life while in great humidors as it was made to ensure that the humidity level is kept safe and at a constant level. Do not buy a humidor just to throw your cigars inside. This makes them dry as they will dry out earlier than you finish saying “aficionado”. Boveda may be costly, but it is worth it.

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